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No, Donny, these men are nihilists, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

"I never did find that slipper, but thank goodness I still have the memories from our spunky photobooth shot!#bkbooth"


"I will give you one million dollars to deposit money in my account so I can buy a plane ticket and fly back for the next photobooth party."

Nigerian President

"Wordbk was such a pleasure to work with. Now I know why people complain about working with me!"

Simon Cowell

"People look so handsome in the bkbooth that I decided to get one installed in my mirror."

Woody Allen

"Me and my Versace posed for like 30 pictures. Imma tag the shit outta that on Facebook!!"


"I don't really like the bkbooth. They make the parties look so fun, no one needs to invite me."


"Just be sure you wear underwear."

~ Lindsay Lohan

"We had a great cocktail party planned, but the flamethrower and midget cabaret dance team both came down with the flu. Thank goodness we booked the bkbooth! The party was a huge success."

~ MGM Grand

"Now that's bipartisan."

~ President Barack Obama, on a bkbooth! photo of Pelosi giving McCain a piggy back

"We want to film our next video with bkbooth."


"Thank God I invented light bulbs."

~ Thomas Edison

"Sometimes we look for interesting props at garage sales just so I can hold them in front of my friends at our bkbooth! parties."

~ Edward and Bella, of Twilight