About Us


Once upon a time there was a house party in Brooklyn...


It was spring of 2007. Wanting to seize the chance to take portraits of his friends, Brandon grabbed his camera, some studio lights and a random background laying about and starting shooting – all night. The sun may or may not have been up when all was over. Turned out that taking the photos was just as fun as sharing them on flickr the next day.





The house parties lead to friend’s loft parties then to company holiday parties. Now BK and the BKBOOTH crew take their open-air style photo booth everywere from New York to Houston to LA creating unique photo experiences working with brands like Fab.com, Vimeo, Urban Outfitters and yes, even a Kardashian


This is the crew behind BKBOOTH. MikeLoren and Brandon. Shoot them an email about your next event.


For West Coast (LA) events contact Mike



For general questions or events contact Loren